Share your hopes and concerns!

Join us and stand up for democracy!

Freedom of speech, a free press, equality, rule of law, secularism of institutions and guarantees for minorities are examples of the values that are constantly being challenged and threatened – and again it is our responsibility to stand up for these values.

We are asking our members, our friends and contacts who wish to participate to send us a couple of statements, hopes or concerns (about 10 words) to be published anonymously on the website of the action indicating the country and/or the city from where the statement comes from.

Some of the statements will be printed on the postcards that will be use during the events/street actions we are planning for March 18!DUP3_oslo

Some statements:  “Freedom of speech, of media and the press are of deepest essence to Democracy” or “Democracy is not a gift, it’s a struggle that everyone should understand, appreciate and contribute to”

Feel free to express your thoughts, hopes or concerns on anything regarding democracy that you feel most in danger in your place and send it to us, or fill out this form: